M.T.T.A. has played an important role in the Missouri Legislature and has a recognized lobbyist working for them.

M.T.T.A. has spent thousands of dollars on legal and lobbying fees. Your membership makes it possible to pay these fees.

Since 1990 M.T.T.A.’s efforts have been focused on the following:

  • Making salvage or abandoned vehicles titles easier to obtain.
  • The prevention of licensing by municipalities when you have a county merchant’s license.
  • The end of licensing fees for vehicles being towed, as well as preventing the removal of personal effects from vehicles prior to payment for the tow.
  • Stopping free tows of stolen vehicles if recovered by the owner within five days.
  • We have tried to ensure the legislature considers the towing industry as emergency response vehicles.
  • Passage of House Bill 1270 which requires traffic to move over or slow down for tow trucks which are working on the shoulder of the highway. 


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